Robert Filter Introduction

To whom it may concern...
This website is intended to be an information source for my students, colleagues, collaborators and friends and of course to everyone who wants to belong to one of these groups. Emphasis is put on my professional life as a scientist.

From Big to Small - Scientific Record
Theoretical physics is like classical music, or, a game of Barcelona. You will only see the beauty if you try to master the field yourself. On these pages you will be able to find out about my efforts doing so, going from large scale astrophysics to the tiny objects scaling just above the size of atoms. Enjoy!

Bachelor/Master Thesis available!

Master Bachelor Thesis Nanophotonics theoretical Physics

Discover the Curious Nanoworld
As a theoretical physicist, one is not limited by the available technologies. You can go, wherever your imagination may take you. Together with Prof. Rockstuhl I can guide you in the amazing world of nanophotonics. Please contact us, there are always very interesting available topics ranging from pure theory to numerical simulations.


problems in electrodynamics

ProblemsInElectrodynamics online!
If you ever wondered where to find explicitly calculated problems in electrodynamics and their connection to current research, visit problemsinelectrodynamics.com!

Robert Filter THz graphene antennas

"Tunable Graphene Antennas for Selective Enhancement of THz-Emission" published
You can read about our paper now officially in Optics Express. I want to thank all Colleagues for their interesting input and awesome work!


Electrodynamics Winter 11/12
I am lucky to announce, that I will be holding a seminar on classical electrodynamics in the upcoming semester. On the seminar page you can find information concerning working sheets, schedules etc.

Abbe School of Photonics
Jena has a long history of both optical research and industry standing on the shoulders of giants like Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe and Otto Schott. The newly found school sets new educational standards in related topics.